Twittering a Meltdown


17625D42-9F68-4B82-A3E2-E4DAA503DB313:55pm Casey here ladies are you ready to party!?!?!?!

4:00 pmOMG Happy sweet 16 to yours truly!!! Kiss my ass bitches let party!

4:30 pm Still on for Friday night and the party, right!?!?!

3:00 pm I can’t believe face is so swollen and screwing my birthday up  party rescheduled. Send me good vibes!!!


3:30 pm Lame! Mom gave me a cup of TEA and some dusty old books wrapped up in a pink ribbon. Most of them aren’t even in English.. WTF!?!?!?!

1am Sitting her reading books with ice against my face. Somebody shoot me!

2am holy crap I wonder if these spells are really?!?!? JK magic is for kids right! LOL

3am Ok I know this is a load of crap but what if I try one? Just one what could possibly go wrong  LMAO I need some sleep.

4am so no sleep and still have a fever but found mom’s emergency candle supply. Here we go yo!!

4:45am no surprise nothing happened. I’m so going to bed and tossing these books out in the morning.
5:00am There’s a weird light coming from under my door. People I’m freaking out!!

5:05 Ok it was just my family member taking a pee. They are heading out on a vacay. LOL I’m so silly good night again y’all

5:15 ok WTF is that noise


7:30 Looked all over the house for the scratching noise Mom says it’s a raccoon. I need to get some sleep y’all Peace out.

10:00 sleep is a bitch man! Mom and dad are out having fun and I’m stuck here with a face full of pain. Damn girl friends I guess I’ll read another of these crazy books.

11:10 This is so creepy who writes about baby’s blood!!!! WTF?!?!

11:30 Ok, ok I found something that sounds interesting. Raiding the spice cabinet let’s see what happens?
1:00 still nothing Damn It!!
1:05 Anyone got suggestions??
1:30 how come no one is answering me???
1:45 ok I’m not freaking out… I’m closing my eyes and going to sleep.
1:50 Holy crap There was someone standing over my bed he ran off but he was really I’m not losing my mind.
2:00 I’ve got a bat and been all through the house now what the hell do I do????
2:15 Ok call me crazy but I’m putting all the books in the fireplace and lighting them up. That should handle it right?!?!?

3:30 the smoke alarm is going off I need to get out of the house.
4:00 Sorry if I worried any of you my imagination ran away with me me. Mom woke up and open the flap on the chimney and everything is fine.
4:05 Funny I really thought mom went away for that overnight with dad?? I guess he was here all along.
4:10 Good night all


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