Text based adventure

“A Summer Story”- Review


“A Summer Story” is a digital story about a young girl’s summer vacation to visit her uncle. In the story she talks about being given the responsibility to get herself across Japan on her own for the first time. She meets a new friend along the way who makes suggestions and helps her have adventures during her vacation. I won’t say anymore Incase you decide to play the story yourself.
The most interesting literary element of the story was setting. The story highlights examples of the Japanese cultures that Americans might not understand without some explanation. They keep subtle and work it into the story. It also lends itself to a coming of age story with a slight culture variation. The picture format of the story gives the reader a glimpse into how the island looks. Unfortunately, I don’t think the pictures do just to what the island would look like in-person.
This is definitely more of a story then a game. Where as it allows you to make choices and see different outcomes it is slow moving and lacks the excitement that most of us have become use to. This does help with the story telling being such a slow paced story. I can say that even though it is not my usual genre or style in which to read digital stories I did play through twice to see if any of the choices lead to a more exciting story.

To play this story please go to: http://www.sakevisual.com/summerstory.html

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